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What is CRABYON ?
Composite Fiber of Chitin/Chitosan and
Cellulose : Only one in the World

Not anymore the silkworm is the only producer of a yarn that, transformed in a fabric, can be used for wearing, today the crab too do it.

If from the silkworm we obtain the silk ,from crab we obtain the CRABYON that can be used for clothes to be put in direct contact of the skin : underwear ,socks , baby wear ,sportswear.

Discovered by Japans , the polysaccharide Chitosan (this is scientific name of the product) that is really antibacterial ,saves the crab since millions of years from pathogenic aggression till our days maintaining unchanged aspect and functions.

To day the Japans can transform the Chitosan in a textile fiber that in contact with the skin develops an antibacterial effect and at same time avoids to the fabric to absorb bad odors.

CRABYON furthermore grants the ecological balance because biodegradable and totally anallergic is easily mixable with others textile fibers like wool ,linen, rayon, etc.

The aspect and the touch are like as a very soft and fresh cotton and on the Japanese Market got a big success.

In Europe it is still a newness and at the last exhibition Filo in Cernobbio Italy was defined the most interesting product.